Features of NetYogi BMS

ERP solution

Highly Personalised Management

  • We offer the Cloud-based software, ability to access from a remote location globally
  • All module in our software was user-friendly interface for easy transfer of data in the business process
  • We develop a software solution for Business-to-Business (B2B) of Import, Stock and Distribute
  • Simplifies the complicated manual workflow management with our advanced implementation of modules. Moreover, We offer a comprehensive and complete industry CRM solution with a flexible and scalable architecture.
  •  This software helps you to manage all aspects of your business right from the procurement of blocks, production, inventory management, sales, invoice and reports.

NetYogi BMS Complete ERP Solution Covers:

  • 📈 Financial Management: Streamline accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting for more informed financial decisions.
  • 📦 Inventory and Supply Chain: Optimize inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and ensure a seamless supply chain.
  • 💼 Human Resources: Manage HR processes, from recruitment to performance reviews, with ease.
  • 📊 Business Analytics: Leverage advanced analytics tools to uncover actionable insights from your data.
  • 🔒 Data Security: Rest easy knowing your sensitive business data is protected with state-of-the-art security measures.
NetYogi BMS - POS & ERP Solution
NetYogi BMS features

NetYogi BMS Addresses Your Business Needs:

  • 🛒 Retail: Simplify complex retail operations, from inventory management to customer loyalty programs.
  • 🍔 Restaurant: Enhance dining experiences with efficient order management and seamless kitchen coordination.
  • 🏪 Small Business: Tailored solutions for small businesses, empowering growth without the complexity.
  • 📊 Analytics: Gain actionable insights into your business performance and customer behavior.
  • 🔒 Security: Rest assured, your data is protected by advanced security measures
  • Seamless Integration: Say goodbye to data silos. Ultimate POS seamlessly integrates with your existing systems for cohesive operations.

How Does NetYogi BMS Works?

With the End-to-end, User-friendly software which helps you manage all aspects of the Business industry and integrate with the following modules.

Dashboard Analysis: Dashboard with Key Performance indicators shows the available stock and production activity progress.
Purchase Order: The P.O (Purchase Order) explains the material details to be purchased from the supplier to the Granite industry. The Purchase order contains of:

  1. Creation of Purchase Order (P.O)
  2. Search for P.O on Customize Filters
  3. List out, View and Edit the Purchase Order (P.O)
  • Stock Management or Inventory Management
  • User Management
  • Sale Histroy
  • Global Setting



Why Our BMS Software ?














Why NetYogi BMS matters ?

NetYogi BMS- POS Software

Streamlining Processes: BMS integrates and automates various business processes, from inventory management and order processing to finance and HR. It replaces manual, disjointed systems, reducing errors, and enhancing efficiency.

Data Centralization: One of the standout features of NetYogi BMS is its ability to centralize data. It provides a single source of truth for all departments, ensuring everyone works with up-to-date information. This eliminates data silos and fosters collaboration.

Enhanced Customer Service: With NetYogi BMS, customer information is readily available, improving response times and personalization. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost Efficiency: NetYogi BMS reduces operational costs by optimizing processes, minimizing errors, and preventing overstocking or understocking. It’s an investment that pays off over time.


• Are future updated FREE?

Yes, all future LIFETIME updates are FREE

Is NetYogi BMS right for my business?

NetYogi BMS is ideal for micro and small enterprises.

While our customer base encompasses companies ranging from just one individual to NSE-listed large corporations, we have found that the maximum benefit is derived by smaller scale enterprises, as they are closely managed by smart entrepreneurs, and seek to grow fast with technology transformation.

• Will it work offline?

Yes, it works offline

• What hardware does it support ?
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Receipt or Thermal Printer (Printer with ESC/POS commands)
• Does it support languages other than English ?

Yes, UltimatePOS is translation ready.

• Does it supports GST taxes ?

The tax is completely customizable. You can define GST, VAT and Group taxes like a combination of CGST + SGST. This taxes can be selected while adding purchase & sell. You can view the tax report to view details of input & output tax during a period.

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